American Peaks

Photographer Emma Svensson is climbing the highest mountain in every country in America. Follow her project American Peaks here.

Pic La Selle | Haiti

After Panama I went to Dominican Republic but I had missed that you must have a guide on that mountain. So we got a guide but we were still not aloud to climb the mountain because no expedition can start after 10am in the day. Even if it´s just a 6 hour hike to the highest camp they would not…

Volcán Barú | Panama

I landed 7pm in Panama City and met up with my friend Andres who is joining me for the next three weeks on this adventure. We started driving to the trailstart of Volcán Barú (it took us 8 hours with a food stop) and got there 3:30am. Without any sleep that night we packed our bags and started hiking up…

Next expedition in 3 days!

It´s almost time to take on the next round of mountains in my project! In three days I leave for Panama. And for the next three weeks I will do as many mountains as possible around Central America. Right now I´m getting everything ready for the adventure. This is new to me: Heat, jungle, insects, snakes, spiders instead of cold…

Aconcagua | Argentina

3 december 2018 I just got back home from the Alps and had only a few hours to pack everything. I tried to climb Aconcagua last year in between my 49 peaks project but had to turn around at 6400 m due to cold hands and feet. This time I wanted to be as prepared as possible for that so…


Welcome to American Peaks! My next big mountain project. My name is Emma Svensson, I´m a photographer and I started climbing mountains 2017. After climbing Elbrus I got home and became restless and two hours later I had decided to climb the highest mountain in every country in Europe. In one year. Little did I know about climbing mountains then….

49 Peaks

2017/2018 I climbed the highest mountain in every country in Europe. I called the project 49 peaks but ended up climbing 61 peaks. I did it 473 days faster then the current world record. I have written a blogpost about every mountain,. If you go to the 49 peaks website you can read all about it!