Next expedition in 3 days!

It´s almost time to take on the next round of mountains in my project! In three days I leave for Panama. And for the next three weeks I will do as many mountains as possible around Central America. Right now I´m getting everything ready for the adventure. This is new to me: Heat, jungle, insects, snakes, spiders instead of cold and glaciers. I will suffer, that´s for sure. Also I don´t speak Spanish so it will be interesting. But I will have a Spanish speaking friend joining me. He is also a photographer. I want to document this project well so I can show you all about it.

I was just at The North Face store picking up some new things (thank you!) and I also got some equipment from my new sponsors: Grivel, Silva and Primus. Can´t wait to try out the stuff!

I have also talked to some companies about sponsoring my charity: For every mountain I climb they give 0,1 euro per meter to my fundraiser. I hope this will bring us closer to the goal of saving a lot of rainforest along the way. I´m trying to do different activities to raise money and one thing I did was a photography shoot in my studio that raised 1300 euro! Amazing!

Tomorrow I will start packing and show you what goes in my bag. I hope you will follow this adventure here and live on my Instagram: emmasvenssonphoto