Welcome to American Peaks! My next big mountain project.

My name is Emma Svensson, I´m a photographer and I started climbing mountains 2017. After climbing Elbrus I got home and became restless and two hours later I had decided to climb the highest mountain in every country in Europe. In one year. Little did I know about climbing mountains then. But that didn´t stop me. When I stood on top of the highest mountain in Sweden less then a year later, in a superhero suit (why not?) I had made it. As the first swede and 473 days faster then the current world record. My project 49 peaks was an amazing start to alpine climbing. Where I learned and developed from a total rookie to a less total rookie. Check out the project here!

I spent the next two months after the project living in a van in Chamonix to climb as much as possible and climbed mountains like Matterhorn and Dent du Geant. And then I went to Nepal and climbed Ama Dablam in the fall of 2018.

Now winter is coming and it´s time to start my next project: I want to climb the highest mountain in every country in America.

It will be a much greater challenge then the European mountains. High volcanos over 6000 meters in South America. Inaccessible muddy jungle mountains in Central America. And ice cold glaciers in North America. It will be harder, more painful and my greatest challenge so far. I don´t even think anyone have done this before.

Doing this project I also want to give back to the places I´m going to. I will work with Rainforest Trust to raise money for saving the rainforest in the Amazonas. If you enjoy following this project nothing would make me more happy then a donation. Click here to help save the rainforest!

And for live updates, follow me on my Instagram. Here on this website I will publish stories from the mountains.

I also want to give a big thank you to my sponsors The North Face and Marginalen Bank Traveler Card. I´m so proud, happy and honored to have them as a part of this project. And to get some support to be able to do this. It´s not easy to put together a project like this and they make it possible. If you also want to be a part of this project please contact my agent magnus@huskypodcast.com and we can work together!

I´m so excited for this project! I have no time limit but I think it will take around 3 years to complete. Depending on conditions and possibilities.

I hope you will follow this <3